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Skull With 8 Part Brain



Introducing the Budget Skull with 8-Part Brain model; which is intended to be a life-size model of a human skull, to give us a more accurate view of the human brain and skull base.

This is ideal for presentations to a larger group of people, students, or even patients.

The cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone is visible and feel able on the floor of the skull to give you a greater impression.

This life-size skull model is made of a durable plastic material and is designed with a removable calvarium and hinged jaw on springs to give a clearer and better view of the brain inside the skull.

Its translucent 8-part brain fits inside the cranial cavity and includes a key cards that practically identifies 75 structures for more accurate teaching.

This budget skull with 8-part brain model allows its structure to be dismantled so that the students and or even patients can be able to further understand the areas and features of the brain in more detail.

And because it is made with basic anatomical of a general brain anatomy structures, this budget skull with 8-part brain model is actually worth for anybody who would like to study or learn more about the features of the brain.

This model is recommendable for either student who is very much interested in studying the basic sections of the brain or for doctors or medical professionals as an aid for educating patients and students.


DURABLE: This skull model is practically made of durable plastic material giving it a hard-plastic finish.

MEASUREMENT & WEIGHTS: This life-size skull has a dimension of 5″ x 8-1/2″ x 6″ and weighs 7 lbs.


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